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*TiC* Zachary Williams

I recorded my useless attempt to get in to see Zachary Williams and his tight band at the Rockwood Music Hall.  In six days Williams will travel with Ben Folds through the South.

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*TiC* Evident Truths - 18 Minutes of America 18 Minutes in America - a President's Day bash mash with three irishmen Pat Paulsen, Ronald Reagan and Barack O'bama. Music: Marlon Cherry And: other features (John McCain, Isaac Asimov and the New York Times podcast). Mix - DJ Lightbolt Special features: an interview with Zoe Siegel Reichlin about the Lawyers' Committee for Truth and Justice on the Election Protection Hotline; Roj Kadwalla on New York's first (Spring 2007) Obamathon; and Andy your Tourist-In-The-City-and-daughter inside a voting booth.
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*TiC* Tony Furtado Tony Furtado Tony Furtado is a guitar, slide guitar, bottleneck slide and banjo fiend. Mostly active in the West, I've been to two of his rare New York shows and pulled him into a tiny room off the main stage of the Living Room for a chat. Listen to his fingers on this podcast where I include two and a half songs, with Peter Bradley Adams harmony on the first, and Ross Martin sitting in on guitar on the the third. [creative commons 3 Attribution No Derivatives license]
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*TiC*  Jane Lui
Jane Lui is a San Francisco songwriter who is touring the US this fall 2008. Nominally opening for songwriter Greg Friedman, their show at the Rockwood Music Hall merged into a round robin, and Jane sometimes accompanied Greg directly.   I discovered Jane as one of the gems of the San Diego scene and interviewed her on her last sweep through NYC, touring as singer for the band Starline Theorie.  

You can hear one Starline Theorie song and 2 of Jane's songs at my sister podcast SnowBark , and a followup podcast of her New York show at the National Underground with Greg Friedman.

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Who are you?  I wish I knew who you are.  Write me at because I'd like to ask you some questions with my microphone and hear your sTeReO voice. 

As for me, I'm editing some of the thirty recordings I've made over the past year and will begin posting them here for you.  Full subscribe is at iTunes and I have a few unique short shows at

Yes I do.

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*TiC* 070413 Spring

Welcome to Tourist In The City - this episode is a sampler of four shows now in the edit room.  Listeners can email me at Tourist In The City at -- and I'll send a special gift to the writers of the 1st and 7th email.  And, if you write me months or years from now and mention this podcast episode I'll have a special gift for you, too.

Here are some links:






BA DA BING RECORDS [Essie's Label]



visit some unique *Tourist In The City* recordings at myspace:


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*TiC* 070201 Maria The Korean Bride

Maria Yoon is a performance artist based in New York City.  She has been married 22 times, to different grooms, each in a different state.  I attended her one woman-show and was inspired to create this podcast episode of her story. 

Part One: 

I crafted this piece in January 2007 for the Third Coast Audio Festival, where it was selected for the project called 99 Ways To Tell A Story.   "Maria" remains in permanant archive there as the final piece (#101) of 99 Ways.  The Festival requirements: to start with the words "to begin with, they didn't get along"; to include, in order, a pre-recorded sound, a rhythmic noise and an exclamation; and to run 2'30" precisely.  I've included "Maria The Korean Bride"  among four short clips on the TiC MySpace page 

Part Two:  

A full Tourist In The City podcast piece, now in the editing studio.

 Background Song:

American Bach Soloists from the Bay Area perform "Kyrie Eleison" [Our Lord, Have Mercy]  J.S.Bach's Mass in B Minor.

 Photo [from Maria's collection]:  Maria in Brooklyn, New York 2003



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*TiC* 060130 The Overnightscape Here at Tourist In The City .com we don't always wander the city. Sometimes we listen to other podcasts... The Overnightscape Sangaria Ramune Globe
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The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! I have been honored to be a parade clown for several years. This year your Tourist In The City took along our trusty stereo microphone. In this first installment, a great interview with a 30-year parade veteran, float artist John Cheney. Music: Drew Pearce and the band Darrington, from San Francisco. Song: "Clear"
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presenting our sister podcast SNOWBARK. The first shows feature music of Asian American artists and a lot of other bands. Musicians on show one: KEVIN SO and JANE LUI and including the band with whom she sings lead, STARLINE THEORIE Soon on iTunes rss feed to subscribe:
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*TiC*  051017    LapPOP! In SAN FRANCISCO! My stream of mind based on LapPOP! - a night of performance & readings & photography from notable APA bloggers and artists. An intersection between geekery, personal expression, and pop culture. Guest MC & Curator of Lap-POP! is Min Jung Kim of Featured Performers Ernie Hsiung, Writer of Glenda Bautista, Writer of Robynn Takayama, Sound Artist of Courtney Patubo, Visual Photography of Annie Lin, Musical Performer of
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10 year old chess player beats the man who owns the board -- a short day in the park
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*TiC* 050708 Fireworks Macy's July 4 Fireworks display, and some music from Vienna Teng, "Harbor"
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New York is a city of apartments and many people create gardens on their fire escapes, terraces and rooftops. Music: "Homecoming" by Vienna Teng.
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*TiC* 050525  Carol Bui The Carol Bui band is burning through town on June 17 and 18 -- hard rock energy
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I found this GREAT song on my iPod, with no identification tags. Help me search for the writer and artist - who references Ypsilanti, October 17th, 113th Street and my Grandad.
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*TiC*  050415  Tax Day at the Post Office

April 15th is Tax Day in America, and all of America is at the Post Office.

music clip:
Maggie Kim's "Perfect"  

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*TiC*  050413  Paul's Park:  by Tourist In The City

Paul's Park A soundtour, description and thoughts about a New York City playground, "Paul's Park" in the Bronx. You are seeing a picture of Paul in the Park. 

music clips:
opening: "Perfect" by Maggie Kim
closing: "Homecoming" by Vienna Teng

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